(Subject to change without notice.)
$46.00 per unit All students except high school students enrolling in less than 11.5 units through the College Connection Concurrent Enrollment Program or Middle College High School.
Health Services $17.00 for summer $20.00 for Fall & Spring Semesters All students (Students enrolled ONLY in off-campus or weekend classes, or part-time Concurrent Enrollment are exempt.)
Student Representation $1.00 All students (except Concurrent Enrollment Program and Middle College)
Student Body $15.00 See Explanation of Fees
Nonresident Tuition $228 (plus $46 per unit Enrollment Fee) This fee applies to nonresidents of California who are residents of other states.


(new rates effective 2017)

$26.00 Summer semester
$53.00 Fall semester
$53.00 Spring semester
$96.00 two-term (Fall & Spring)
$3.00 per day

For students who qualify for BOG waiver:
$25.00 Summer
$30.00 Fall semester
$30.00 Spring semester
$60.00 two-term (Fall & Spring)
$3.00 per day

Parking meters are available near the Bookstore for $0.50 per 15 minutes.

Persons who park motor vehicles (except motorcycles) on campus. Daily permits may be purchased from ticket dispensers in designated areas. Free parking Saturday and Sunday. (Optional; not transferable to other students.)

Disabled parking permits are issued only by the Disability Resource Center. See Parking for more information.

Audit $15 per unit
(students enrolling in a variable unit course must pay for maximum units)
Students approved to audit a course. Students enrolled in 10 or more units for credit can audit up to 3 additional units free of charge. See Auditing policy in College Catalog.
Returned Check $20.00 Students whose personal checks are returned by the bank. Only cash, credit card, or cashier’s check will be honored to clear a returned check. Bookstore fee may differ.
Duplicate Registration Receipt $1.00 Students who request a replacement or duplicate registration receipt
Duplicate Diploma $20.00  

$5.00 Official Transcript

$10 additional for rush service

Students requesting an official transcript of their academic record at Cañada College, College of San Mateo and/or Skyline College.
International Application Fee $50.00 (non-refundable) All new international students
International Student Tuition Fee

International Student Capital Outlay Fee
$233 per unit
(plus $46 per unit Enrollment Fee)
$8 per unit
International Students
International Student (F-1 Visa) Health Insurance

$684 Fall
$684 Spring
$1,368 Full Year

Please also See www.4studenthealth.com/smccd

All F-1 visa international students who do not present proof that they have the required level of private health insurance.
Additional Fees See below.  


Explanation of Fees

Student Representation Fee: Established by a student election to support student advocacy before local, State and federal offices and agencies. A student has the right to refuse to pay the $1 Student Representation Fee for religious, political, moral or financial reasons. This refusal must be submitted in writing to the Business Office.

Health Services Fee: Provides campus health services and medical coverage for injuries incurred while the student is on campus or attending an off-campus, College-sponsored event. Students who depend exclusively upon prayer for healing in accordance with the teachings of a bona fide religious sect, denomination, or organization may be exempted from paying the Health Services Fee. Contact the Admissions & Records Office for details.

Student Body Fee: Offers a Student Body card and discounts as well as events and programs thorough out the year. This fee is automatically assessed as part of your total fees. If you choose not to pay this fee, please visit the Student Body Card site and complete a Reimbursement Form. The form must be completed and submitted by the add/drop date of each Semester. Student ID cards are not updated  during the Summer session unless requested by the student. If you would like to have a updated Summer ID card, you will need to go to contact the Cashiers Office and inform them that you want to add the "Student Body Fee" for the summer. 

Online Instructional Materials Access Fee: License fee for course digital material access. The fee provides students with discounted instructional course materials including a digital textbook and interactive learning platforms. This fee will be billed to the student during the first week of the semester (listed as Inclusive Digital Access and is refundable). The discounted printed book is available for most books at the bookstore. Students have the option to pay a lower price for a shorter access period, or to obtain their own access. To opt out of this fee, please visit https://surveys.smccd.edu/n/caniarr.aspx.

Additional Fees: Students will be required to purchase textbooks and miscellaneous supplies, as well as tools and technical supplies for certain programs. In some courses students will also be required to pay an instructional materials charge. Students enrolled in clinical classes in health-related programs are subject to a malpractice insurance premium.