Associate Degree Graduates


Who is eligible to participate?
Commencement is for Cañada College students who have completed their course work for an A.A., A.S. Degree or Certificate during Summer 2018, Fall 2018 and Spring 2019. You must have completed the petitioned for graduation. If you are not sure about the status of your petition visit the Admission and Records office.


RSVP and Tickets

Do graduates need to RSVP to participate in Commencement?
Yes, students who plan to participate in the Commencement Ceremony need to submit their electronic RSVP form. RSVPs will be taken until 5:00pm on Monday, May 13, 2019.

Where can I buy my cap, gown, and tassel and how much will it cost?
Beginning the second week in May, graduates can purchase the complete academic attire (cap, gown, tassel). These items will be available in the Cañada College Bookstore. The combined cost of the academic attire is approximately $50 plus tax. 

Are tickets required to attend Commencement?
Tickets are required. Each graduate will receive 4 tickets from the Bookstore after purchasing their Regalia.

When can I get tickets?
Graduation tickets can be picked up at the Bookstore with your Regalia starting on Monday, May 13.

How do I get more tickets if I have more than 4 people attending?
Additional tickets will be available for the overflow gym across the hall with a live televised screening of the Commencement. Tickets will be available at the Commencement Rehearsal, Thursday, May 23.

I lost my tickets, can I get more tickets?
Commencement tickets are not replaceable, non-refundable, and have no cash value. 


Graduation Regalia and Sashes

How do I know if I qualify to rent or purchase sashes? 
Sashes are based on GPA. If you have a 3.30 and above you qualify to rent or purchase the sashes. You can check your GPA in WebSmart under Student Services/Student Record/Request Unofficial Transcript. Your transcript will then be emailed with your GPA.

Where can I buy my cap, gown, and tassel and how much will it cost?
Graduates can purchase the complete academic attire and tassel in the Bookstore. The estimated cost is $55 plus tax. Announcements will also be available for sale. If you are in EOPS, the program will purchase your regalia. Visit the EOPS office for more information.

When and where can I buy or rent my sash for Cañada College Academic Honors?
Students receiving academic honors can purchase or rent their sash at the Bookstore. There will be a list showing which students are eligible for honors and high honors.

When and where can I order my Phi Theta Kappa honors sash, tassel, and cords?
Students can visit the Phi Theta Kappa website to order their honors regalia anytime. Students are encouraged to order them early. These items will NOT be available in the Bookstore and will NOT be purchased for members by the chapter. 

When and where can I pick up my extra-curricular sash (For example TRIO, EOPS, ASCC)?
Check in with the program director.

What if I cannot afford regalia?
If the cost of regalia and/or transportation to College of San Mateo are a hardship for you, please contact the Office of the President, 650.306.3239 or to explore options.



Parking permits are not required. All other parking and traffic rules apply. Beethoven Lot 2 is the closest general parking area near the ceremony location, Gymnasium, Building 8. The circular driveway in front of the Health & Wellness (San Mateo Athletic Club) - Building 5 is the designated drop-off area for guests.  Olympian Parking Lot 12 is the drop-off area for graduates.  There will not be any parking allowed in Lot 12.  Visit Maps, Directions & Parking for more information