The Center for Innovation and Excellence in Teaching and LearningCIETL, is a center dedicated to innovation and excellence as an institutionalized place for directed focus on issues of teaching and learning.  The designated CIETL room in Building 9 is currently unavailable due to construction.



CIETL is committed to the college’s core mission of helping all our students move successfully through their academic plan, including basic skills, transfer, and career/technical education courses. CIETL does this by piloting, evaluating, and supporting innovative teaching and learning practices that encourage collaboration and community building and increase the retention, success, and persistence rates of our students. CIETL promotes sharing of this scholarship of teaching and learning across campus.

Talking about Teaching sessions

Current 2018-2019 activities include single-meeting sessions on Flex Days and during the semester, including online discussions.  Proposed session topics include “Setting High Standards,” “What is your favorite or most effective assignment?,” Engaging with Student Emotional Health,” and “Hope Required When Growing Roses in Concrete.” 


Guided Pathways Design Principles on 13 Feb, 2019, in 3-142, 1-3 pm.

Flex Day Talking about Teaching: Building Emotional and social support for students in the classroom, 6 March.  Time and location TBA.

Future plans include the development and hosting of Communities of Practice across disciplines.