Career Education


Cañada College offers the best and most cost effective way for people in our community to launch their careers. Our career education programs provide our students with the skills necessary to successfully pursue a career and build better lives for their families and community.


Career education gives students the hands-on, practical training needed to earn a certificate or Associate’s Degree, and open the door to a rewarding career or get them started on the path towards a Bachelor’s Degree.

Career education programs at Cañada College are the smart and affordable way to get the valuable skills students need to compete in today’s fast-changing job market here in Silicon Valley. Industry experts who have worked in their fields teach our classes, and we have internship and externship programs for most of our programs to get our student’s feet in the door in a new career before they even graduate.

The Cañada College campus fosters a learning community for like-minded students to develop the skills they need for the careers they want. We are higher education for today’s new-collar jobs, and this is not just learning-by-learning, this is learning by collaborating, by exploring, and by doing.

Coursework in our programs utilize work-based learning and Cooperative Education courses to develop industry-specific skills that students need to have to either further themselves in their current careers, or dive headfirst into new ones. The students in our career education programs at Cañada College graduate prepared for the workforce, and have the option of transferring on to a 4-year college or university if that is the route they chose. Our programs give students both options!

From here, you can go anywhere!