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Getting Started in Canvas

For Review -Cañada Course Design Best Practices (1 Page)

For Review -Cañada Course Accessibility Best Practices (1 page)

Setting Up Your Course Structure (7 minutes)

Customizing the Course Navigation Menu (3 minutes)

Managing Course Start & End Dates (3 minutes)

Publish & Unpublish As Needed (3 minutes)

Viewing Your Course As a Student (4 minutes)


Launch Your Canvas Course for Students

Add a Course Welcome Module and/or Course Template - Canvas Course Templates

Record a Course Introduction Video - Creating Accessible Audio & Video Guide

Send a Welcome Email to Students - Cañada Course Welcome Email Template (2 pages)

Share the Cañada Canvas Student Login Help Guide with your students.

Check your course start and end dates - Managing Course Start & End Dates (3 minutes)

View your course as a student will - Viewing Your Course As a Student (4 minutes)

Check your course for accessibility issues - Canvas Accessibility Checkers Overview (4 minutes)

Make Your Content Pages Accessible - How to Create Accessible Content Pages (14 minutes)

Make Your Syllabus Accessible - How to Create an Accessible Syllabus (14 minutes)

Check for Broken Links - How do I validate links in a course? Canvas Instructor Guide

Have you published your course? - Publishing & Unpublishing Items, Modules, and Your Course (3 minutes)


Tips & Tricks

Tips for Using Announcements (2.5 minutes)

Setting Up the Attendance Tool (4 minutes)

Adding an Image to Your Course Card (1 minute)

Canvas Quiz & Assignment Accommodations (3 pages)

Duplicating Items in Canvas (1 minute)

4 Tips for Adding Extra Credit (3 minutes)


Ending Your Canvas Course

Exporting Grades & Storing them Securely (3 minutes)

Adding a Section for Students Finishing Incompletes (3 minutes)

Managing Course Start & End Dates (3 minutes)


Additional Resources