Canvas Course Launch Checklist

  1. Review the@One Principles for Quality Online Teaching and Cañada's Accessibility Best Practices (1 page).
  2. Set Up Your Course Structure (7 minutes) - Choose the structure of your Canvas course and organize your material to make navigation easier for students. Check out our Course Templates page to help speed this up.
  3. Add a Course Welcome Module from the Commons (3 minutes) - A course welcome module can house the course and campus information students will need again and again throughout the semester.
  4. Customize Course Navigation Menu (3 minutes) - Reduce the areas of your course that students can access to simplify navigation and keep student from viewing items in your course that they don't need to.
  5. View Your Course as a Student (4 minutes) - This process allows you to see your course as your students will.
  6. Check for Broken Links - Canvas' Link Validator helps you check all the links in your course at a glance for issues.
  7. Publish Items, Modules, & Your Course (3 minutes) - Publish the parts of your course that students need to see and remember to publish your course itself when you're ready for students to see it.
  8. Manage Course Start & End Dates (3 minutes) - Check when your course is visible to students and make any changes to that availability that you need.
  9. Welcome Email Template - Send a course welcome email to students with what they need to know about Canvas and how to begin your course beforethe start of the semester. You might also include the Cañada Canvas Student Login Help Guide to help students get logged in.
  10.  Record a Course Introduction Video - Creating Accessible Audio & Video Guide