Business Hub

The Business Hub is the center of the Business, Accounting, and Computer Business Office Technology on campus. The space functions not only as a classroom, but also as a collaborative workspace for students, and a place where they can go to work on homework with the assistance of instructional aides.

The Business Hub is located on the top floor of Building 13, Room 217.

Resources Available:

  • Multiple projection screens for lecture and guest speakers
  • Collaborative workspace area
  • Laptops for student use
  • 2 private study rooms
  • Modular desks
  • Modular whiteboards
  • Printers
  • Simulcasting station
  • Couches, tables, and chairs
  • Multiple power outlets
  • Student support services
    • Student Software Support
    • Business, accounting, and computer application tutoring

To check on the Business Hub's availability, please contact the Business, Design, and Workforce Division's Division office at (650) 306-3201 or email