Student Profiles

Lea Fisher
Student at Cañada College

Lea is a Digital Art and Business student at Cañada College. She works as a student assistant at the school, building her marketing skills. When she’s not studying or working, she’s creating art of what inspires her...

Digital Art & Business

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Mario Gomez
Student at Cañada College

Mario is a student at Cañada College pursuing an Associates Degree for Transfer in Business Administration. He moved to California from Guatemala in his early twenties for a better education. He volunteers with the campus’s SparkPoint program, spreading the word about the resource to fellow students...

Business Administration

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Sofia Fernandez Giorgi
Student at Cañada College

Sofia is a Middle College student at Cañada College, starting her college education while earning her high school diploma. She participates in the honors program for classes she wants to explore more. When she isn’t studying, she is working as a vet tech part-time...

Business Administration & Economics

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Elise McClure
Student at Cañada College

Elise McClure was a San Francisco resident who attended Cañada College between 2012 - 2014. She was working towards her Associate’s degree in Business Administration. While she was a full-time student at Cañada College, she was also working full-time as a manager at a restaurant in San Francisco’s Mission district, and had a part time job on top of that.

Business Administration

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