Degrees and Certificates


Program Type Total Units
Business Administration AS 60 Units
Business Assistant AS 60 Units
Business Management AS 60 Units
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management AS 60 Units
Marketing AS 60 Units
Business Administration 2.0 AS-T 60 Units
Business Administration CA 19 Units
Business Assistant CA 18 - 19 Units
Business Information Worker CA 18 Units
Business Management CA 19 Units
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management CA 21 - 22 Units
Human Relations in the Workplace CA 18 Units
Marketing CA 18 Units

Computer Business Office Technology (CBOT)

Program Type Total Units
Administrative Assistant AS 60 Units
Administrative Support Assistant AS 60 Units
Administrative Assistant CA 27 Units
Administrative Support Assistant CA 23.5 Units
General Office CA 12 Units


Requirements: Associate in Arts (AA)/Associate in Science (AS) Degree
Requirements: Associate Degrees for Transfer
Requirements: Certificate Programs
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Gainful Employment Disclosure

View Gainful Employment Disclosure Information, which contains key gainful employment outcomes for graduates from Cañada's certificate programs, including estimates of the costs of tuition, books and supplies, and fees; average student loan debt; and normal time to completion of the certificate.


Cañada College offers lower division coursework required for transfer in this area of study. Students should use PROJECT ASSIST ( to research lower division major requirements at the transfer destination(s) of their choice. Also, work with a Counselor/Advisor to determine appropriate transfer coursework.