Student Profile

Lea Fisher

Lea is a Digital Art and Business student at Cañada College. She works as a student assistant at the school, building her marketing skills. When she’s not studying or working, she’s creating art of what inspires her.


Lea Fisher Profile Picture


Her current goals:

Lea is going to San Jose State University in the Fall of 2020 for a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing. She wants to go on to work as a Social Media Manager or a Product Manager. She hopes to also start her own small business selling personal artwork.


Why Business?

Lea knew when she was in high school that business was for her. She was part of her school’s Business and Technology Academy, a program that helps students build necessary skills for the business world. When she got to Cañada, she wanted to combine her passion for art with her skills in business.


Why Cañada?

Lea wanted to transfer from a community college up to 4-year to save money. Considering her options, Cañada was the closest and most supportive. The resources and opportunities available through the district, like global internships, sealed the deal.


Keeping school and work separate:

Lea relies on lists to get through what needs doing. Listing out assignments and tasks keeps everything organized for her, whether it’s for an online class, a project for a lecture, or her job. Having separate lists also help prioritize schedules, setting aside time for just work or school instead of a mix of both.


Advice for fellow students:

Lea suggests working in smaller chunks, giving yourself breaks between blocks of studying. This keeps motivation and focus up instead of staring at text for three hours and crashing. She usually works in 20-minute segments with 10-minute breaks, allowing her to process what she’s read.