Welcome to Cañada de Noche!

Your Evening Hub for Student Support Services Offered After 5 p.m. 

At Cañada College, we understand that life doesn't always adhere to a 9-to-5 schedule. That's why we're excited to introduce Cañada de Noche, our pilot program designed to provide you with the support and services you need, even when the sun goes down.

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Your success matters, and we're here for you, even after dark. Take advantage of the resources and assistance available to you at Cañada College during your evening studies. Discover what's waiting for you on our Campus Hours page now!

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Expanded Student Support Services

We've extended our student support services, making them available from Monday to Thursday until 8 p.m. Now, you can access the assistance you require in the evening, right on our campus. Our Student Support Services stations, conveniently located throughout Buildings 5, 9, and 13, are here to help you excel in your academic journey. Check out the list of available services below!

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Admissions & Records

Get assistance with your enrollment, transcripts, and more.

Explore Admissions & Records


Speak with counselors to plan your courses and academic goals.

Visit the Counseling Center

Disability Resource Center (DRC)

Access support for accommodations and resources.

Access DRC Services

Financial Aid Services

Get help with financial aid applications and questions.

Explore Financial Aid Services

Learning Center

Enhance your learning through tutoring and academic support.

Get Tutoring at the Learning Center


Utilize our resources for research and study materials.

Explore Library Resources

Personal Counseling Center (PCC)

Seek support for personal and emotional well-being.

Get Support at the PCC

Promise Scholars Program

Get comprehensive support and resources for your academic journey.

Explore Promise Services

Welcome Center

Find answers to general inquiries and guidance.

Visit the Welcome Center

Expanded Food Services

Studying late? Don't worry; we've got your cravings covered too! Cañada de Noche extends to our dining options. You can now enjoy the expanded food services listed below.

Students ordering drinks and food at the Colts Cafe


Colts Café

Building 1

Satisfy your cravings with a variety of delicious options.

Grove Café

Building 5

Enjoy a meal in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Grab & Go Refrigerators

Grab a snack or meal for late-night study sessions at these locations:

  • Building 9, Floor 1, by the Welcome Center
  • Building 13, Floor 2, next to room 13-240

Service Locations and Map

Explore our evening student services on the campus map and download the flyer.

Download Flyer and Map (PDF)

Building 1

Colts Café

Building 5

The Grove

Building 9

1st Floor

  • Admissions and Records
  • Disability Resource Center (DRC)
  • Financial Aid Services
  • Grab and Go Refrigerators
  • Personal Counseling Center (PCC)
  • Promise Scholars Program
  • Welcome Center

2nd Floor

  • Learning Center
  • Tech Team Student Support
  • Writing Center and STEM Center

3rd Floor


Building 13

  • Grab and Go Refrigerators (2nd Floor)
  • Same Day Counseling

Building 22

Public Safety Office

Campus map showing buildings (B1, B5, B9, B13, B22) that are open in the evening on campus