Reservation Information

Before You Reserve:

1. Scheduling

All external contract forms must be completed 45 days prior to use. All internal, SMCCCD employee forms must be completed 10 days prior to use. 

2. Calendar Clearance

The Facility Rental Office will handle calendar clearance and arrangements per the information provided on the Request for Use of Facilities form. Please know that additional information may also be required depending upon the type of event you are hosting.  

3. Insurance

Permittee shall procure and maintain liability coverage.  Permittee must provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) and an Additional Insured Endorsement as specified in Appendix I below.  

Please note the following requirements:
     a) San Mateo County Community College District needs to be listed as the certificate holder and additionally insured;
     b) the address on the certificate needs to be 3401 CSM Drive, San Mateo, CA 94302. 

If the insurance company wants Cañada College mentioned, it can be listed in the Description of Operations section.

 Appendix I – Insurance Requirements for Facilities Use

4. Rental Fees

San Mateo County Community College District Facilities Rental Fees

Please note that not all facilities available to rent at Cañada College are listed in the rental fee rate sheet.   If the facility you are interested in is not listed, such as The Grove (cafeteria), please contact Rachel Corrales at; at (650) 306-3271. 

5. Event Layout

Your application should include a diagram or drawing detailing the specific requested layout.  Here are some sample layouts for large events on the lawn area for outdoor events, the Grove, Room 6-101, and Room 6-102. Sample Event Layouts

6. Policies

No law, regulation, statute, or District policy shall be violated during the occupancy of District facilities. Specific policies regarding facility rentals are noted on the Fees and Policies Information page:

College Sponsored Events

College entities or individuals must adhere to the application procedures and regulations for College Sponsored Events. Please click on the link below for detailed information on College Sponsored Events.


Appendices: Information to know prior to renting space

The following forms are listed for informational purposes only:
Facilities Use Permit Agreement
Appendix I – Insurance Requirements for Facilities Use
Appendix D – Conditions for Employee Use of District Facilities for Non-Sponsored Event and Waiver of Liability for Employee Activities Not Sponsored by District
Appendix AF – Athletic Field, Court and Track Use
Appendix BG – Affidavit of Fingerprinting and Background Check for Coaches and Volunteers
Appendix G – Terms and Conditions for Facilities Rental of Gymnasium
Appendix F – Filming at the San Mateo County Community College District and its Colleges
Appendix FB – Requirements for Food Trucks and Caterers
Compliance with San Mateo County Health Department Regulations Checklist
Adherence to Board Policy 2.31: Speech, Time, Place, Manner


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