College Sponsored Events

We know you are working hard to organize a wonderful event to support our College community and we look forward to helping make the facility reservation process as smooth as possible. 

Application Procedures for College Sponsored Events 


Application: Use of District facilities by College entities beyond the normal, routine operations of the College requires submission of the Request for Use of Facilities form customized for Internal & Associated Students of Cañada College (ASCC) Events ONLY.  We have developed a Checklist and Instructions guide which is intended to assist you to complete the customized form for internal and ASCC events

Internal Events Checklist and Instructions (for Internal and ASCC events only)  

Request for Use of Facilities application form (for Internal and ASCC events only)

2.  Scheduling: The completed Request for Use of Facility form, including approval signatures, must be submitted to the Facilities Rental Office no less than 2 weeks (10 working days) in advance of the event date.
3.  Approvals: Prior to submission to the Facility Rental Office, the Request for Use of Facility form must be approved by the appropriate supervisors and complete with their signatures.
4. Calendar Clearance: The Facility Rental Office will handle calendar clearance and arrangements per the information provided on the Request for Use of Facilities form.
5.  Billing: All usage fees and charges for special arrangements or services, if any, will be billed immediately following the use of the facility.  Future use of the facility may be denied if fees are not paid in a timely manner.

Sample Event Layout: Your application should include a diagram or drawing detailing the specific requested layout.  Here are some sample layouts for large events on the lawn area for outdoor events, the Grove, and Room 6-101 and Room 6-102. Sample Event Layouts

Regulations for College Sponsored Events

1.   Any recognized College entity or individual staff member may, subject to availability and proper approval, use District facilities for College related meetings and activities. Such facility usage must be consistent with the purposes of community colleges.
2. The use of facilities by College entities and staff is usually free of charge. Any fees or charges will be consistent with the San Mateo County Community College District Facilities policies, procedures and fee schedules. Charges will also be made to cover College expenses directly occasioned by the facility use; examples of such charges are security, grounds, custodial, audio/visual costs.
3.  College entities and staff wishing to use District facilities must follow the procedures for College Sponsored Events and must adhere to these regulations, as well as all applicable laws and District policies.
4. No law, regulation, statute, or District policy shall be violated during the occupancy of District facilities.
5.  No food or beverages (refreshments) are permitted in facilities without prior approval of the Facility Rentals Office.
6. Smoking is not permitted in any college facility.


Reservation Assistance

Please feel free to contact Rachel Corrales by email or phone:; (650) 306-3271 to assist with the application process or answer any questions.