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Psychology is concerned with the study of human and nonhuman animal behavior and mental processing. While the individual is usually the focal point (as in personality, developmental, clinical and therapy areas) the influence of group behavior on the individual is also considered. Psychology involves both pure science and practical application to everyday living. The field of psychology follows scientific methods, using careful observation, experimentation, and analysis that results in scientific findings of natural and social science. 

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Both a scientific and humanistic discipline, sociology is concerned with the study of systems of social action and their interrelations. It attempts to discover the factors that determine social organization and behavior and promotes an understanding of the social world from personal problems to public issues.

The degree in Sociology requires 10 units of core courses and 9 units of selective courses.

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Through this program, students will gain knowledge of human service delivery systems, communication skills for working with individuals, groups, and diverse populations, case management techniques, and will gain hands-on field experience in one or more human service agencies. The program will also encourage students to think critically about societal conditions that contribute to the need for social services.

The degree in Social Work and Human Services prepares students for transfer to a CSU for completion of a Bachelor's degree in Social Work or Human Services. It requires 22-23 units of core courses and 6 units of selective courses.

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Economics is the study of production, consumption, and allocation decisions under conditions of scarcity.  

The degree in Economics requires a minimum of 6 units of core courses in economics and 12 units of selective courses.

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The Social and Behavioral Sciences are a cluster of disciplines that analyze the basic dimensions of the human world through the application of systematic methods. Social scientists study an array of topics and deploy a multitude of theories and research methods collecting and analyzing data from participant observations, group interviews, surveys, historical documents, laboratory experiments, and more. Students who earn an AA in the Social and Behavioral Sciences analyze and evaluate the social world from the perspectives of anthropology, economics, history, philosophy, political science, psychology, and sociology.

The degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Social and Behavioral Sciences prepares students for a variety of careers related to education, law, social work, business, politics, and human services. Select 18 units from Social and Behavioral Sciences. Courses must be selected from at least 4 disciplines

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Students earning this AA degree analyze and evaluate the ways in which people from different cultures have expressed themselves through the Arts and Humanities.

The degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Arts and Humanities requires a minimum of 18 units of coursework.

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Degrees... Approachable Career Path...
AA-T Degree in Psychology Assessment Counselor, Mental health Associate, Family Development Specialists, Psychiatric technician 
AA-T Degree in Sociology Legal Secretary, Office Assistant, Assistant Sales Manager, Social Service Assistant
AA-T Degree in Social Work & Human Services Community Outreach Worker, Case Management Aide, Substance Abuse Counselor
AA Degree in Economics Administrative Assistant, System Administrator, Office Manager, Legal Assistant
AA Degree Interdisciplinary Studies: Social & Behavioral Sciences Community Service Worker, Medical Assistant, Physical Therapist Assistant, Social Work Aide

AA Degree Interdisciplinary Studies:Arts & Humanities

Customer Service Representative, Office Assistant, Administrative Coordinator, Public Relations Assistant