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Athletic Trainer


The purpose of the Cañada College Athletic Training Room is to support the health and safety of Cañada College student-athletes. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Providing intercollegiate game and practice first aid and injury evaluation
  • Organizing pre-participation sports screenings
  • Organizing concussion testing
  • Communicating with physicians regarding medical care of student-athletes
  • Providing rehabilitation services
  • Maintaining medical records of student-athletes

The Athletic Training Room adheres to the California Community College Athletic Association’s Constitution and specifically Medical Guidelines found in Bylaw 9.


Cindy Jimenez, MA, ATC, CSCS
Building 1-115

The Athletic Training Room is open August through May. 


Joining a Cañada College intercollegiate team? In order to participate in intercollegiate athletics, all student-athletes are required to complete the SMCCCD Pre-Participation Sports Screening packet and be medically cleared by a physician. The forms can be downloaded here: 

NEW incoming student-athletes must complete the following packet before reporting to the physical screening: 

New Student-Athlete PPE Packet

RETURNING student-athletes must complete the following packet before reporting to the physical screening: 

Returning Student-Athlete PPE Packet

Please read the following directions to ensure that the packet is completed properly:

  1. The student-athlete is responsible for completing all pages except for the screening page (the one with a box on the bottom of the page for a physician stamp).
  2. Download and save the blank PDF forms to your computer before typing content. Typed content may not save if typed before saving. 
  3. Please enter all information, including medical history, truthfully. Any misinformation could result in unexpected consequences.
  4. Please sign off where indicated. Any student-athlete under 18 will need a parent to sign off as well.
  5. If any Yeses are checked in the medical history, please explain.
  6. A MD or DO must sign off on Page 3. Physicals will not be accepted if they are completed and signed off by nurses, physical therapists, chiropractors, or physician assistants.
  7. Return completed forms to the Athletic Trainer prior to participation. 

Physicals are scheduled prior to the start of intercollegiate season participation. Coaches are informed of these dates and will relay the information to potential student-athletes. Announcements will also be made on this page in the Upcoming Events section. Make every effort to attend or you will need to seek medical clearance on your own prior to participation.


Spring Sports Pre-Participation Physicals will be held on August 14th, 2015. The teams are scheduled as follows:

  • 4:00pm - Women's Tennis
  • 4:30pm - Men's Baseball
  • 5:30pm - any remaining student-athletes who failed to attend their designated times.