District Van Reservation Policy

Request to be submitted no more than one month in advance.

Process for Campus Request

  1. A request is to be emailed to KAD, Division Assistant, to confirm District Van is available for use – indicating the following information:
    1. Title the email subject line 'Request use of District PE Van'
      1. Event name
      2. Date of use
      3. Time of the event
      4. Time vehicle will be picked up/ returned to campus
      5. Driver name(s)
      6. Passenger name(s)
  2. If you have not done so, complete and submit the DMV Employee Pull Notice to canbusinessoffice@smccd.edu.

Note: In the event of an accident involving an SMCCCD vehicle, you must complete the Report of Accident form and notify your supervisor and Cañada College Business Office immediately. Email the form to Cañada College Business Office at candistrictvehicle@smccd.edu.

KAD (Internal) Process

Pick Up

  • Location – Building 1
  • Time – 8:30 am – 3 pm (Please let the Division Assistant know ahead of time when you'll be able to pick up within the window given)
  • If the day you need to pick up the van key(s) is a holiday, please pick up a day earlier
  • Go up the stairs and enter the door under the sign, Faculty Offices
  • When you walk in, please request for the Division Assistant, PSC, or Dean/AD to open the box for the keys
  • Please use the sign-out/in sheet and fill out the requested information
  • Vans are parked on the lower section of Lot 6


  • Please return the vans with a full or ¾ of a tank of gas
  • All garbage must be removed out of the van(s)
  • Please return the van(s) to the lower section of Lot 6
  • Return Keys to the same location as pick up – Building 1
    • Keys must be returned the same day you return to campus unless it's after hours; then, keys must be returned the next day before noon. 
  • Drop keys into the black drop-box hanging on the wall – located on wall, next to desk to the right – as you enter the office.
  • Fill out the sign-out/in sheet
  • If any issues occur, please write information in the comment column of the sign-out/in sheet.

Cancellation Policy

If there is a change in plan and the van(s) are no longer needed, email the KAD Division Assistant.

Roadside Assistance

In the event of towing services, phone 1-800-325-8838 - Option 4 (Please provide the vehicle number)

Van Reservation Calendar

View the Van Reservation Calendar.