Accreditation 2019: Activities and Timeline

Dr. Keith Snow-Flamer, President of College of the Redwoods, has been appointed as team chair for the External Evaluation Visit to Cañada College scheduled for September 30 – October 3, 2019.

Key Dates Activities

January 2020

  • ACCJC Review and Decision on Reaffirmation of Accreditation

Fall 2019

  • Peer Review Team Visits Canada during the week of September 30 - October 3, 2019

Summer 2019

  • Institutional Self Evaluation Report (ISER) submitted to the ACCJC:  August 1, 2019

Spring 2019

  • Institutional Self Evaluation Report (ISER) submitted to SMCCCD Board of Trustees, April 16, 2019 with final Board review on July 24, 2019


Spring 2019 ISER Final Completion Schedule

Fall 2018 ISER Preparation Detailed Timeline

2017-18 ISER Standard Team Meeting Schedule

2017-19 Master ISER Preparation Timeline 


Accreditation Flex Day Workshops

Campus-wide discussion of possible topics for the Quality Focus Essay (10/10/2018)

Campus-wide Feedback on Standard II of the Institutional Self-Evaluation Report (ISER) (10/10/2018)

Accreditation 2019 (8/14/2018)

Road to Accreditation (3/8/2018)

Accreditation Standards Work Time (1/11/2018)

Drop In for Accreditation Fun, Games, and Learning (10/2017)

Accreditation. Why is it important for classified professionals?  (8/15/2017)

Campus-wide Accreditation Workshops

ASCC Student Forum on Accreditation, (03/05/2019)

ACCJC Presentation and Standard Teams Meeting (9/21/2018 at 1PM)

Road to Accreditation. ACCJC Presentation and Standard Teams Meeting (2/9/2018)

Accreditation Kick-Off and Standard Team Meeting (10/27/2017)


Ad Hoc Accreditation ISER Steering Committee

December 14, 2018 meeting agenda and summary

November 9, 2018 meeting - cancelled

October 26, 2018 meeting agenda and summary

September 7, 2018 meeting agenda and summary 

April 20, 2018 meeting agenda and summary

March 16, 2018 meeting agenda and summary

January 12, 2018 meeting agenda and summary


All Hands Meeting on September 21, 2019


Slide Deck


ISER Preparation Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

Faculty Accreditation Co-Chair

Standard Co-Chair and Tri-Chair Responsibilities