Accreditation Activities and Timeline

Key Dates Activities

Spring 2017

  • Discuss planning process with District; Begin planning process at College
  • Determine Oversight Committee; Identify Co-Chairs for Standards and Sections
  • Present plans to Planning and Budgeting Council

Fall 2017

  • Identify teams for all standards
  • Orientation(s) and kick-off for accreditation activities
  • Teams gather evidence, identify areas of strength and weakness, suggest improvement plans
  • Governance Councils review and provide feedback

Spring 2018

  • Begin implementation of improvement plans
  • Complete First Draft of Institutional Self Evaluation Report (ISER)
  • Governance Councils review and provide feedback

Fall 2018

  • Continue implementation of improvement plans, cycles
  • Update report sections with new information, data, evidence
  • Complete 1st draft of Quality Focus Essay (QFE)
  • Complete 2nd Draft of ISER

Spring 2019

  • Governance Councils’ final review of ISER with QFE
  • Finalize ISER
  • Submit ISER to Board of Trustees

Summer 2019

  • Submit ISER to ACCJC

Fall 2019


  • Prepare College for visit
  • External Team Evaluation Visit

January 2020

  • ACCJC Review and Decision on Reaffirmation of Accreditation