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The English Department at Cañada College offers a faculty whose special fields range from medieval to modern, Middle Eastern, American, and Comparative Literature, who are published writers, and who are, above all, dedicated and accomplished teachers. Courses offered cover English, European, American, Latino, Native-American literature; Film Studies and Appreciation, English and American language; expository and creative writing; critical and analytical reading. A major in English equips the student with a wide variety of intellectual skills and prepares him or her for many correlated career opportunities.

A Major in English will prepare students for career possibilities in such areas as Journalism, Editing, Teaching, Multimedia, Communications, Administration, Public Service, Advertising, Broadcasting, and many more.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Students completing this program will be able to:

  • Successfully prepare written and oral communication that illustrates critical thinking, creation of inquiry- or research-based texts, and information literacy.
  • Demonstrate civic engagement in both written and oral argument.
  • Use both written and verbal expression in interdisciplinary contexts.

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