Housing Resources

Are you experiencing homelessness or are you looking for food?

SparkPoint supports homeless and food insecure students and community members by:

  • Providing a safe space to discuss personal finances and working on goals that lead towards financial wellness.
  • Connecting them to community resources that address housing insecurities, through home sharing and subsidized housing programs.
  • Informing them about the on-campus food pantry where homeless individuals are welcome to choose the food they would like to take.  SparkPoint intentionally orders food that students without a cooking space can utilize.
  • Providing individualized support for homeless individuals to access food resources, including hot meal programs and CalFresh.
  • Making referrals to meet with a lawyer to discuss their rights as tenants.
  • For students under the age of 26 who have experienced homelessness within the last two years, SparkPoint serves as a Homeless Youth Liaison.