Privacy Rights of Students Policy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act requires educational institutions to provide access to students’ official educational records; provide opportunity for a hearing to challenge such records on certain grounds; obtain written consent of the student before releasing certain information; and extend these rights to all students of the college.

The Act provides that the College may release certain types of “Directory Information” unless the student submits a request in writing to the Dean of Enrollment Services that certain or all such information not be released without his/her consent. Currently enrolled students may request that “Directory Information” be withheld by notifying the Dean of Enrollment Services in writing each term or semester.

External entities have access to only the following directory information (1) student’s name and city of residence; (2) email address; (3) participation in recognized activities and sports; (4) dates of enrollment; (5) degrees and awards received; (6) the most recent previous educational agency or institution attended; and (7) height and weight of members of athletic teams.

Appropriate college personnel as noted in No. 3 above have access to full address information.
The Federal Solomon Act requires colleges to release full directory information (including address) to U.S. Armed Forces.

A copy of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (Sec. 438, P.L. 93-380) is available in the Office of Admissions & Records, Building 9, first floor, during normal business hours.