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Training Paralegals in Silicon Valley for Over 40 Years

Since 1979, Cañada College's Paralegal Program has been training people to work as paralegals, preparing people for law school, and preparing foreign attorneys for enrollment in a Masters in Law (LLM) program. Our Paralegal Program offers an innovative and personalized learning experience that enables students to apply the legal theory they are learning with the practical skills necessary for success in a legal career.

Experienced Faculty

The faculty teaching in our Paralegal Program are experts in their respective fields and practicing professionals. As experienced attorneys or paralegals, they bring valuable real-world expertise into the classroom, giving students valuable insight into what skills are needed to be successful in the field.

Completely Online Program

Our Program is completely online, allowing access and flexibility for busy working professionals. Through our partnerships with local law libraries, bar associations, and law firms, we provide opportunities for networking and personal connections.

Legal Career Development

Our Legal Internship Program provides students with practical training and valuable work experience. These internships allow students to apply academic theories to real-life situations, forming a solid foundation for a career in business or law.


“The Paralegal Program was a launching pad for me. What started as a purely informational class to introduce myself to the law set in motion a complete career change. I am happy to say that I am now gainfully employed as a paralegal.” 

— Jennifer Baker, Cañada College alum