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Campus Map
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Class Schedule
A Complete List of Classes

Community F.I.R.S.T.

What is Community F.I.R.S.T.?
Community F.I.R.S.T. is a student-run club open to all students on
campus to be involved and supporting first generation college students at Cañada.
We organize campus events such as movie nights, workshops, and activities to raise
campus awareness and build a supportive community for first generation college
students and allies.

We also host fundraisers to provide book vouchers for mentees in Beating the Odds
Peer Mentorship Program such as the Annual Redwood City Oktoberun and the
Thanksgiving Turkey Drawing.

Cañada community would like us to bring speakers and connect to the local
community. We want to continue to collaborate with other student clubs.

2/10/2015, 2/24/2015, 3/10/2015, 4/7/2015, 4/21/2015, 5/5/2015, 5/19/2015
Time: 1pm-2pm
Location: Clubhouse,  Building 5, Room 350

How to get involved
You can get involved by joining our meetings on the above posted dates and signing up
as a member to receive updates on our activities and planning ideas.