Health Resources

Cañada Talk Now Image
Click on the "Cañada TalkNow" Image above to be taken to talk to a therapist outside our office hours (ex:  weekends, holidays, etc) or click here.  
You can also call them at this number 833-484-6359 
To download step-by-step directions on how to sign up with our 24/7 Cañada TalkNow partners, please click HERE

On Campus Support Services

Off Campus Support Services

Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance

Our Staff can help! Please visit Covered California below:

Covered California 

International Student Health Insurance

Our Staff can help! Please visit link below:

International Health Ins. 

Mental Health | More Resources

Mental Health Crisis Information

San Mateo County Psychiatric Emergency Services
(650) 573-2662
San Mateo County Crisis Line
(650) 579-0350
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
(800) 273-8255
San Francisco County Psychiatric Emergency Services
(415) 206-8125
Santa Clara County Emergency Psychiatric Services
(408) 885-6100

Flu Prevention Tips

Below is a link to the Center for Disease Control’s flu prevention tips to stay healthy this flu season.