Gallery 2016

 Jeanne Stalker Plaque

Lamont Quattlebaum Plaque

Jeanne Stalker's Hall of Fame Plaque Lamont Quattlebaum's Hall of Fame Plaque

Matt Wooldridge Plaque

Gary Wratten Plaque

Matt Wooldridge's Hall of Fame Plaque Gary Wratten's Hall of Fame Plaque
Dick Metz Plaque

Ron Scott Plaque

Dick Metz's Hall of Fame Plaque

Ron Scott's Hall of Fame Plaque

Justin Love Plaque

 Scott McBain Plaque

Justin Love's Hall of Fame Plaque

 Scott McBain's Hall of Fame Plaque
 Ray Cocco Plaque  Kevin Jordan Plaque
 Ray Cocco's Hall of Fame Plaque  Kevin Jordan's Hall of Fame Plaque
Joe Cabrera Plaque 1971 Champion Baseball Team Plaque
 Joe Cabrera's Hall of Fame Plaque  1971 State Champion Baseball Team Hall of Fame Plaque


Registration Tables Smiles Registration Tables
Cañada's Registration Tables

 Cañada's Registration Tables


State baseball Champs Coast Conference Champions
 1971 Men's State Baseball Champions  Coast Conference Champions
Women's Golf Regional Champion Men's Baseball 2010 South Divsion
 Women's Golf Regional Champion  Men's Baseball 2010 South Division
1976 Soccer Champion College Athletics Wine bottle
 1976 Soccer Champions  Cañada College Athletics Wine Bottle


Silent Auction Silent Auction
 Cañada's Silent Auction  Cañada's Silent Auction
Bob Kilburg, MC Warming up Jerry Walker Silent Auction
Bob Kilburg, the MC, Warming up Jerry Walker in the Silent Auction
matt and mike
Matt Lee and Mike Reynoso
Ron Scott & Ray Cocco Jeanna Stalker and Lamont Quattlebaum
 Ron Scott and Ray Cocco sitting together at the head table  Jeanne Stalker and Lamont Quattlebaum at the head table
Head Coach and Lyman Ashly 1971 Team Members
Lyman Ashley speaking at the podium  1971 Men's Baseball members stand for a picture
Joe Cabrera-HOF Introductee Ray Cocco-Hof Introductee
Joe Cabrera speaks at the podium Ray Cocco speaks at the podium
Kevin Jordan Justing Love
 Kevin Jordan speaks at the podium  Justin Love speaks at the podium
Coach Mike Leganet and Justin Love Scott McBain

 Coach Mike Legarza and Justin Love happily greet each other

 Scott McBain speaks some words at the podium
STD Athletes STD Athletes Shaking hands
Student Athletes of the Year receiving their rings  Student Athletes of the Year receiving their rings
 Ron Scott  Jeanne Stalker
 Ron Scott speaks at the podium to the crowd  Jeanne Stalker prepares for her speech
 Jeanne Stalker Podium  Matt Wooldridge
 Jeanne Stalker gives a speech to her friends and peers  Matt Wooldridge walks to the podium for a few words
 Gary Wraiton  Lifetime Achievements
 Gary Wratten talks at the podium  Lamont Quattlebaum sharing a few words
 Lamont Quattlebaum  Lamont Quattlebaum Group Photo
 Lamont Quattlebaum speaks at TheHall of Fame  Lamont Quattlebaum posing for a group photo
Matt Lee and Lamont Quattlebaum  
 Matt Lee and Lamont Quattlebaum in a friendly photo  
Athlete of the year HOF Ring Hof Ring Introductee
 Student Athlete of the Year Ring   Student Athlete of the Year Ring
Male Athlete Banner Female Athlete Banner
Male Student Athlete of the Year banner

  Female Student Athlete of the Year banner