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Cañada College Dual Enrollment 

The Dual Enrollment Program, also known as College and Career Access Pathways (CCAP), is a partnership between Cañada College and our local high school partners to increase the accessibility of college courses to underrepresented high school students or students who may not be college bound. We aim to provide equitable opportunities for students to develop a college-going mindset and pathway to graduate with a certificate/associate degree, transfer, or join the workforce.

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About the Dual Enrollment Program

Through Cañada dual enrollment program, high school students attend classes at Cañada for free, while still enrolled in high school. Dual enrollment classes count for both high school and college credit. High school students who complete dual enrollment classes generally take fewer classes in college and save money on total college costs.


Why should you participate?

  • Start college early at Cañada College!
  • Explore career areas.
  • Choose classes in general education or in hands-on career training.
  • Transfer college credits to CSU, UC, private, and out-of-state universities.
  • Enroll in classes each semester and never pay tuition as a high school student!

Dual enrollment courses are currently available to students at Sequoia Union High School District, San Mateo Union High School District, and a Honda | Pescadero Unified School District. Connect with your high school counselor about enrolling in one of the courses below.

Carlmont High School

  • Business
    • BUS 180 - Marketing (3 units)

Woodside High School

  • Math
    • MATH 253 Analytical Geometry/Calc III (5 units)

Sequoia High School

  • Math
    • MATH 253 Calculus/Analytical Geometry III (5 units)


Hillsdale High School

  • Early Childhood Education
    • ECE 210 Early Child Ed Principles (3 units)

Summit Everest Public High School

  • Math
    • MATH 251 Calculus/Analytic Geometry (5 units)
  • Science
    • CHEM 192 Elementary Chemistry (4 units)

Pescadero High School

  • College and Career Counseling
    • CRER 137 Career and Life Planning  (3 units)
  • General Education
    • ETHN 108 Rethinking Race, Gender, Nation (3 units)

Cañada College Middle College

  • Math
    • MATH 120 Intermediate Algebra (5 units)