Apply for College as an undocumented/DREAMer/DACA student

Welcome to Cañada College!

First, you may apply to Canada College, Apply for California Financial Aid, Attend New Student Orientation and Assessment Services, Attend a Counseling session, and schedule a meeting the Dream Center Program Services Coordinator. You have the right to pursue an education!

1. Apply to Cañada College

  • Everyone has a right to receive an education, regardless of immigration status. 
  • Start by creating an OpenCCC account
  • For Application Support, join a Virtual Application Workshop via Zoom with College Recruiter Mayra Arellano.

2. Submit California Nonresident Tuition Exemption Affidavit

3. Apply to California Financial Aid 

4. Attend New Student Orientation and Assessment Services

  • To register for Orientation, call (650) 306-3452.
  • Online Orientation is available, you may schedule an orientation through WebSmart.

5. Attend a Counseling Session

  • To schedule a Counseling Appointment call (650) 306-3452 or visit BLDG 9 Welcome Center to help develop your educational plan, clear pre-requisite requirements and select classes.
  • For more information, click on the Counseling Center link.

6. Meet with the Dream Center Program Services Coordinator

  • To schedule a meeting with Saúl Miranda by call: (650) 306-3466, email:, or visit BLDG 9 Room 219B in the Learning Center to receive additional resources.