Membership & Subcommittees

Curriculum Committee Members

Below is a list of Curriculum Committee members. If faculty have questions regarding curriculum, please reach out to your division representatives listed below.  

Committee Role Member Name
 Articulation Officer Gloria Darafshi
 ASCC Rep Oscar Arreola Buendia/Priyanshi Chaudhary
 Committee Chair Lisa Palmer
Curriculum Specialist Frank Nguyen Le
Registrar Maria Lara
Division Rep: ASLT Adriana Lugo
Division Rep: KAD Ana Miladinova
Division Rep: KAD Nick Carr
Division Rep: BDW Kristina Brower
Division Rep: BDW TBD
Division Rep: HSS Bob Lee
Division Rep: HSS Maureen Wiley
Division Rep: S&T David Monarres
Division Rep: S&T Martin Partlan
Student Services Rep Danny Lynch 
Student Services Rep TBD
Transfer Center Supervisor Gonzalo Arrizon
Vice President of Instruction Chialin Hsieh

Technical Review Committee Members

The Technical Review Committee is composed of the following members. We encourage faculty to consult with the Technical Review Committee proactively when making major changes to existing courses/programs or creating new courses/programs. To request a meeting with the Technical Review Committee, contact the Technical Review Committee Chairperson.

Committee Role Member Name
 Articulation Officer Gloria Darafshi
Coordinator of Online Instruction (for curriculum proposals that include a Distance Education Supplement) Nada Nekrep
Curriculum and Instructional Systems Specialist (serves as Technical Review Committee Chairperson) Frank Nguyen Le
Curriculum Committee Chairperson Lisa Palmer
Honors Transfer Program Coordinator (for curriculum proposals that include an Honors Supplement) Susan Mahoney/Rebekah Taveau
Library Representative Diana Tedone
Vice President of Instruction Chialin Hsieh

Ethnic Studies Subcommittee Members

The Ethnic Studies Subcommittee is a standing subcommittee of the Curriculum Committee. According to the Ethnic Studies Subcommittee Charter, its main purpose is “…to review and evaluate any newly proposed course to be considered as an ethnic studies course according to the Ethnic Studies definition and guidelines of Cañada College.” The complete charter can be found on the Curriculum Committee Public SharePoint document library.

  • One faculty member from each Division
  • One student representative (if possible)

The faculty committee members will serve a two-year term and the student representative will serve a one-year term. The committee will select their chairperson or co-chairpeople to serve on the committee for a term of no more than two years. Members of the Ethnic Studies Committee may make recommendations for nominations.

As an ad-hoc committee, the Ethnic Studies Subcommittee meets as necessary when a faculty author deems that a new course should be considered as an Ethnic Studies requirement.

Committee Role Member Name
Division Rep: ASTL & KAD TBD
Division Rep: BDW TBD
Division Rep: HSS TBD
Division Rep: S&T TBD
Vice President of Instruction TBD

Career Technical Education (CTE) Subcommittee

Approved by the Academic Senate and Curriculum Committee in March 2019

The CTE Subcommittee is a standing subcommittee of the Curriculum Committee with a goal to provide CTE faculty with support and local approval of the documentation required for state approval of new CTE programs. The CTE Curriculum Subcommittee will be responsible for reviewing, providing feedback, and approving all new CTE programs as a part of the technical review process. Faculty can request a meeting with the CTE Curriculum Subcommittee as faculty members consider new programs. 

  • A current Curriculum Committee Division Representative with CTE experience
  • Curriculum Committee Chair
  • CTE Liaison
  • Dean with CTE experience
Committee Role Member Name
Division Rep with CTE experience TBD
Curriculum Committee Chair Lisa Palmer
CTE Liaison TBD
Dean with CTE experience Hyla Lacefield