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Cañada College Curriculum Handbook Guidance 

Any course that will or may be offered as hybrid and/or online must have a completed and approved distance education (DE) supplement as part of its CurricUNET entry. The DE Supplement within a CurricUNET entry includes two sections, "Distance Ed" and "DE Contact."  Both of these sections must be completed and approved during the curriculum review and approval process, before the course is reviewed by the full Curriculum Committee, and before such a course can be offered in hybrid/online format.

The purpose of the DE Supplement is to outline the ways the online portion of the course will be different in either delivery or evaluation from an in-person version of the course. Otherwise, the portions of the COR for the in-person delivery and evaluation will be assumed to apply.  Note that online offerings of the course cannot have different lecture or laboratory content from in-person versions and must be evaluated using the same SLOs as the in-person versions.  The DE Supplement should be course-specific, but not instructor-specific.

All courses submitted to the Curriculum Committee as part of the curriculum review and approval process that have DE Supplements shall be reviewed by the Coordinator of Online Instruction, whether the DE Supplement is new, revised, or existent without revision.  All course proposals with DE Supplements require the Coordinator of Distance Education’s approval to be placed on the Curriculum Committee’s meeting agenda.

Creation of a DE Supplement for a new course, or for an existing course that did not previously have a DE Supplement

  1. From within your course in CurricUNET, click on the “Modes of Delivery” link from the Course Checklist on the right side of the screen. This will bring up the “Modes of Delivery” screen.
  2. Check the method of DE (“Online” or “Hybrid”) that will be used in your course and click “Save.”  Once the screen has saved and refreshed, click “Finish.”  On the Course Checklist, you will now have a “Distance Ed” link (directly below “Transferability/GE”) - this is the DE Addendum.

Video Tutorial: DE Addendum


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Distance Education Guide

For a detailed walkthrough of the Distance Education addendum in Curricunet, please refer to our Distance Education Guide, courtesy of Nick DeMello, DE Coordinator.

Distance Education Guide Front Cover

Curricunet Screenshot - Modes of Delivery

 Curricunet Screenshot of Modes of Delivery

Curricunet Screenshot - Distance Ed

Curriculum Screenshot of Distance Ed Screen

Curricunet Screenshot - DE Contact

Curricunet Screenshot of DE Contact Screen