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The Business Department prepares students for both entry-level positions and management positions in retail. Students are prepared to plan, organize, direct, and manage employees in a variety of settings.
The Business Department also offers both an A.S. Degree and a Certificate program for those students who wish to become a new business owner and or update their skills as a current business owner. The A.S. Degree and Certificate program are designed to assist students in the development of a small business.

For more information on Cañada College's Business Department, please check out the Business Administration page. 

Program Learning Outcomes:

Students completing this program will be able to:

  • Design and manage business documents using current technology to engage in creative problem solving. 
  • Communicate an understanding of business concepts professionally through written, oral and visual presentations using current technology. 
  • Recognize ethical behavior in their chosen profession and behave in a socially responsible manner. 
  • Analyze business issues, interpret financial data and identify economic trends.