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SLO Questions

Email Professor Paul Roscelli, Cañada's SLO Coordinator at

Please contact Professor Roscelli, if you encounter the following issues:

  • You cannot log into Nuventive.
  • You are not sure what an SLO/PLO assessment should look like.
  • You don’t know how to record your SLOs/PLOs in Nuventive.
  • You are not sure how often you need to record an SLO/PLO assessment.
  • You are not sure how to (or if you ever) mapped your SLOs/PLOs and ILOs.
  • You are not sure how SLO/PLOs connect to program review.

In addition, Professor Roscelli will have a standing hour each week over the course of the semester (holiday weeks, opening week and finals week excepted) at which faculty can Zoom in to discuss these same issues:

Paul Roscelli (Professor)

Business, Design and Workforce - Economics

Email Lindsey Irizarry, Cañada's Instructional Technologist, at

Please contact Lindsey Irizarry, if you encounter the following issues:

  • You don't have Nuventive Improve login information.
  • Your assessment unit is not in Nuventive Improve.
  • Your course is not listed in Nuventive Improve.
  • You find any incorrect or outdated information in Nuventive Improve.

Lindsey Irizarry (Instructional Technologist)

Academic Support and Learning Technologies - Division Office