Teaching, Learning & Assessment (TLA) Coaches

As an institution, conducting and improving assessment has been examined closely over the past several years. In fact, the results from a college-wide Governance Survey conducted in Spring 2016 found reporting on SLOs were:

  • A waste of time, especially at the Institutional level
  • Confusing with regard to TracDat and data reports—need for additional training

In response to the survey results, starting Fall 2016, a group of five faculty, one representative from each division, were selected from a pool of applicants to participate as Teaching, Learning and Assessment (TLA) coaches. Funded for a 1-year term through ACES, the purpose of the TLA coaches is to assist faculty in:

  • Developing and/or improving their course- and program-level assessment plans specific to SLOs and PLOs.
  • Increasing the awareness of assessment and the perception surrounding assessment on campus with the goal of improving pedagogical approaches and/or discussions related to pedagogy based on assessment as they relate to student learning and achievement.


The TLA coaches work with the TLA core team consisting of the college’s Faculty Assessment Coordinator, Instructional Technologist, Dean of Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness and the Vice President of Instruction. Members of the TLA group include:

  • Humanities & Social Sciences: Katie Schertle
  • Science & Technology: Nick DeMello
  • Business, Workforce & Design: Melinda Ramzel & Paul Roscelli
  • Counseling: Vacant
  • ALL: Ana Miladinova
  • Faculty Assessment Coordinator: Jessica Kaven
  • Instructional Technologist: Allison Hughes
  • Dean of Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness: Karen Engel
  • Vice President of Instruction: Tammy Robinson


Starting Fall 2017, continued funding for the TLA coaches for a 1-year term will be made possible by the IEPI.