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2011 NASA COMETS Research Groups

Earthquake Engineering Group

Earthquake Engineering group

Faculty Advisor Dr. Cheng Chen Dr. Cheng Chen
Graduate Student Mentor Qi Ming Zeng Qi Ming Zeng
Team Leader Andrew Chan Andrew Chan
Team Members John Louie Paulino John Louie Paulino
Moises Quiroz Moises Quiroz
Jose Valdovinos Jose Valdovinos

Embedded Systems Group

Embedded Systems group

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Hamid Mahmoodi Dr. Hamid Mahmoodi
Graduate Student Mentor
Ankita Goel Ankita Goel
Team Leader
Arturo Montoya Arturo Montoya
Team Members
Jose Carrillo Jose Carrillo
Joy Franco Joy Franco
Christian Rodriguez Christian Rodriguez


Electrical Engineering Group

Electrical Engineering Group

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Hao Jiang Dr. Hao Jiang
Graduate Student Mentor
Di Lan Di Lan
Team Leader
David Carrillo David Carrillo
Team Members
Esther Chan Esther Chan
Andres Preciado Andres Preciado
Enrique Raygoza Enrique Raygoza


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