Course Descriptions

SOCI 100 Introduction to Sociology (3 units)

An introductory study of the basic concepts, theoretical approaches, and methods of sociology. Topics typically include the analysis of social structure, socialization and the self, culture and diversity, group dynamics, social stratification, social change, and globalization.

SOCI 105 Social Problems (3 units)

An overview of selected social problems in the United States viewed from a sociological perspective. Emphasis is placed on the socially constructed nature of social problems and the role of power and ideology in their formation. Various social problems are identified, an analysis of the causes and consequences examined, and an array of proposed solutions and methods of intervention evaluated.

SOCI 141 Ethnicity and Race in Society (3 units)

Examines sociological theories of race, ethnicity, and racism as well as explores cultural, political, and economic factors shaping the social construction of identities, reproduction of inequalities, and development of social relations in the areas of race and ethnicity.

SOCI 205 Social Science Research Methods (3 units)

Equivalent to PSYC 205. Designed to introduce students to the basic principles of social science research. Various sociological and psychological research methods are examined that include experimental research, survey research, field research, and comparative-historical research. Procedures to evaluate the soundness of research designs are examined. Ethical issues related to research techniques are also considered.

SOCI 325 Honors Colloquium: Sociology of Human Personhood (1 units)

Study of how human personhood -understood as an emergent property of social life- shapes and is shaped by social structures with implications for how human flourishing and failure is understood in the social sciences. NOTE: This section is designed primarily for students in the Honors Transfer Program, but is open to all students. All students enrolling in this section are required to do Honors level work. Honors credit is earned for SOCI 325 upon completion of the course. Honors credit is also earned for the approved, completed or concurrent companion course, upon completion of both SOCI 325 and the companion course with a grade of A or B (only if completed at Cañada College).

SOCI 695 Independent Study (0.5- 3 units)

Designed for students who are interested in furthering their knowledge via self-paced, individualized instruction provided in selected areas or directed study to be arranged with instructor and approved by the division dean using the Independent Study Form. Varying modes of instruction can be used -- laboratory, research, skill development, etc. For each unit earned, students are required to devote three hours per week throughout the semester. Students may take only one Independent Study course within a given discipline.