Chemistry is the science of matter, one of the oldest and most fundamental of the physical sciences.  Before you study solar systems and stars, you start with helium and hydrogen.  If you want to know nutrition and respiration, you begin with carbon and oxygen.  Skyscrapers stand because of iron and the semiconductor industry is the business of silicon.  For most college students, the first collegiate science course is chemistry.

Chemistry courses at Cañada College are designed to parallel those in most major colleges and universities, allowing you to complete many of the foundation courses you will need for a four year degree before transfer.

Three times a year, Cañada College also offers one week preparatory programs that help students get the most out of chemistry, math and physics courses.  These Jam programs occur between semesters and more information on upcoming chemistry, math, and physics jams is available on our STEM Center programs page.


First Chemistry Classes — Starting Points

Students interested in studying chemistry at Cañada College have three possible "first" chemistry courses to consider.  Each one opens a different path into chemistry and while they may share many common topics, the depth, scope and context of each are very different.  Which one you should choose as your first step into the sciences depends on where you want your path to lead.


Elementary Chemistry — Chem 192

Introductory or elementary chemistry is a solid introduction to the foundation topics of chemistry.  It meets general education requirements for science, is transferable to UC and CSU systems, and meets the requirements for RadTech and other certifications.   This one semester 4 unit class with lab is a good all purpose introduction to chemistry.  Find a Chem 192 class for next semester.

Health Chemistry — Chem 410

Covering many of the topics of introductory chemistry and adding discussions in organic and biochemistry, Health or GOB (general, organic & bio) is another first chemistry course.  With a targeted and rapid-paced presentation designed to support students with goals in nursing, PT or PA programs, this one semester 4 unit class with lab is a unique option for students in the health care industry.  Find a Chem 410 class for next semester.

General Chemistry — Chem 210/220

The most challenging first chemistry course is the general chemistry series which provides an in-depth and robust foundation required for most STEM programs.  General chemistry will cover topics from atomic theory through quantum mechanics and requires strong algebra skills and a solid foundation in general science. This is a two semester series of 5 unit classes with lab.  Find a Chem 210 or 220 class for next semester.


Domains of Chemistry


More Chemistry Classes

Chemistry is a big subject.  Cañada offers many other explorations in this central science, some featured courses are listed below.  One is a unique "before chemistry" course for students concerned about their preparation for studying college science.  Another is a powerful exploration of organic chemistry required for many pre-med and STEM degrees.


Preparation for Chemistry — Chem 680

A class that helps students understand and apply scientific method, knowledge theory, measurement, unit systems, conversion factors, significance, uncertainty, and dimensional analysis.  It shows how to clearly and effectively express proof of conclusions on exams and in lab reports.  Preparation for chemistry provides historical examples and context for the first discoveries, the great experiments and the fundamental laws on which modern chemistry is based.  Prep Chemistry is a good "before chemistry" preparation for students wishing to get the most out of any of the first chemistry courses.

Organic Chemistry — Chem 231/232

The element carbon has unique properties that allow it to serve as a foundation for very large and wonderfully intricate molecules.  The properties and function of the more than 50 million unique substances the human race understands, most of which are organic compounds, can be understood by exploring the composition, connectivity, shape and sense of these carbon based molecules.  Organic Chemistry is a challenging and valuable discussion of the nature, function, mechanisms and synthesis of organic molecules transferable to both the UC and CSU systems.  This is a two semester series of 5 unit classes with lab.  Find a Chem 231 or 232 class for next semester.


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