Full Stack Developer Program

Date 00, 2021 - Date 00, 2021

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Canada College at Menlo Park has a 9-month training program for students in the tech industry looking to enhance their coding skills. Here you will be able to learn the skills needed to enter the high tech field in the Bay Area. Students will gain experience building and developing software and in doing so also gain familiarity with the software development cycle. By the time students complete the program they will be able to apply for jr full stack developer roles in the high tech industry, and earn anindustry-standard certification in Full Stack Development from Qwasar.

What is a Full Stack Developer?

Full-stack developers are experts in both the front-end and back-end of the components that make up a website. They possess knowledge in both front-end and back-end languages and frameworks, as well as in server, network and hosting environments. 

  • front end development (the visible parts of a website or app)
  • back end development (the “under the hood” databases and infrastructure)
  • full stack development (a hybrid of both). Full stack can apply to a web stack, mobile stack, or a native application stack

As the line between what can be done on the front end versus back end blurs as the tech industry expands, more developers are becoming what is called “full stack.” Employers, especially in the Bay Area, are looking for developers who know how to work on all the parts of a site. The Qwasar: Full Stack Developer program at Canada College will teach students the scope of skills necessary to become a starting full stack developer

Qwasar at Canada College


Eligability Criteria: Students must demonstrate a base understanding of coding, and web technologies, as well as demonstrate a keen interest and dedication to a career in the Technology Industry. Upon registration, students must submit to and successfully pass an entrance coding challenge to ensure they can succeed in this program. The coding challenge can/will be presented to interested students as part of the program registration process.


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Students Will Learn...

  • Front-end and back-end programming, 
  • Ruby on Rails, 
  • Javascript, 
  • Advanced SQL database knowledge,
  •  RESTful APIs, software architecture, 
  • Structured problem solving and debugging,
  • Extensive use of industry-standard tools such as Git, IDEs, and terminal commands.







Program Components


Technical Peer-to-peer Evaluation: Projects will be evaluated by peers in a rigorous and standardized evaluation system with a built-in grading rubric. Projects will be evaluated for technical soundness as well as to gauge technical understanding of a student’s actions, code, and decisions in each project.
Project-based Learning: Each core area focus of this program will involve completing projects in teams as well individually to ensure students are learning and applying their knowledge.            
Portfolio Development (Practicum): Students will complete projects that align directly with industry and job requirements for Full Stack Developer positions. The practicum period will include students gaining hands-on work experience on open source projects. Students will showcase approximately 5 to 20 projects representing thousands of lines of code for employers and interviews.


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