Technology Loan Program

Students currently enrolled in at least one (1) academic Cañada class who need technology to complete coursework, are eligible to borrow available equipment such as Chromebooks, hotspots, and graphing calculators.

If you are a current SMCCD student with technology needs but are not enrolled at Cañada College, please check with the library at your respective campus where you are taking classes to access technology.

Skyline College

College of San Mateo


Please keep in mind that we cannot mail technology however, students unable to pick up their technology may have someone else pick it up on their behalf. Please contact the library for more details.

Unfortunately, SMCCD does not provide technology loans for community members but check with your local public library if you have technology needs.

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How to check out technology

Technology Loans Overview

  1. Go to the library to request technology
  2. Verify eligibility and sign the loan agreement
  3. Show your valid photo ID
  4. Borrow the technology and take it home
  5. Return technology by end of semester

Step 1: Go to the library to request technology

Come to the library circulation desk during open hours to request technology.

Step 2: Verify eligibility and sign the loan agreement

Your enrollment will be verified and you will be directed to complete an online Cañada College Library Technology Loan Agreement Form [Form offline until August 2024].

Step 3: Show your valid photo ID

Present a valid photo ID (ex. student ID, driver license, state ID, passport, etc.).

Step 4: Borrow the technology and take it home

Technology items will be checked out to you for the whole semester. (Please note: All check out periods are subject to change. It is your responsibility as the borrower to track due dates).

Step 5: Return technology by end of semester

All equipment is due back at the end of the semester. This gives library staff time to do scheduled maintenance to prepare equipment for next instructional session.

Summer 2024

Technology loans will begin the first day of the Summer 2024 semester which is June 10, 2024.

Technology continues to be in high demand as it is a shared student resource. Because of this, please be aware that if you are returning technology loans that were due at the end of the previous instuctional session then you will have to wait 1 week from the date you return equipment because library staff must run maintenace on equipment before it can be redeployed.

If you have questions about the current inventory available, please email the library staff directly at Please include your name and G-number when contacting us.

Technology Waitlist

If we are unable to meet a student technology loan request, we will add that request to a waitlist for technology. Please know that we work with our district ITS department to identify additional resources in the case that we run out of college-supplied equipment, and we will contact all waitlisted students as soon as we have equipment available. Please use the form below to be added to the technology waitlist. For more information on how the waitlist process works, please review the Waitlist Procedure for Cañada Technology link under the Policies and Information section. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Cañada College Library Technology Waitlist


Policies and Information

Cañada College Library Technology Lending Rules

Cañada College Library Payment Process

Waitlist Procedure for Cañada Technology

Available equipment


Actual model may vary.

Laptops & Chromebooks

Actual model may vary.


Actual model may vary.

Getting technology help

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with personally owned computers. We do not fix hardware issues, remove viruses, or install software. Our support is focused on learning technologies and tools to aid you in your academic work.

For technology help please visit the Student Tutorials page on the Virtual Campus or contact the Learning Center.

If you are having continuing technology issues, please visit our district ITS Zendesk to get advanced support.