• Please be respectful and mindful of others.

  • Only small snacks and covered beverages are allowed in the Library.

  • Do not present strong pervasive odors, including those caused by perfume, food, or cologne.

  • Library staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • While we want to assist you to the best of our abilities, be aware that Library staff cannot provide individual assistance to the point that it interferes with the operation of the Library. Determination is at discretion of Library staff.

  • Please do not talk on your cell phone while in the Library.

  • Please keep your voice at a level that does not disturb others.

  • Wear headphones when listening to audio, videos, or music and listen at a volume that does not disturb others.

  • Comply with the Library staff directives related to computers and other technical equipment.

  • Failure to comply within 3 warnings can result in expulsion from the Library.

  • If you are threatening or belligerent, you will be asked to leave the Library for the day without additional warnings.


  • It is the patron's responsibility to keep track of due dates.

  • Overdue fines are 25 cents per day for books that check out to the public.

  • Reserve Material fines are $1 per hour for 2-hour materials and $1 a day for 1-day, 3-day, and 1-week materials.

  • Calculator fines are 25 cents per day

  • Technology fines are $5 per day

  • Reserve materials and technology must be returned to the Cañada College Library.

  • If reserve materials are habitually returned late Library staff may suspend reserve collection check-out privileges for the semester.

  • The Library does not accept patron purchased technology (laptops, graphing calculators, wifi hot spots, etc.) replacements. Damaged or missing technology must be paid for by the patron.

  • If a patron returns an item from the Cañada College Library collection in unusable condition (excessive wear and tear, excessive writing and/or underlining and highlighting in pen, pencil, marker, or crayon, water damage, etc.) they will be charged either the replacement amount or, after getting approval from library staff, can purchase a replacement in a condition that meets library staff standards.

Resolving Student Fines for Unreturned Items

When a student does not return high cost and/or high demand Library items (such as textbooks, Chromebooks, laptops, graphing calculators, etc.) by the due date, the Library will make reasonable efforts to contact the student to resolve unreturned items. This includes email and phone calls and may include contacting non-library faculty, staff, or administration.

If the student does not respond or the Library and the student are not able to come to a resolution, the Library will take the following actions:

  • The student’s check-out privileges will be suspended and a fine will be placed on your library account.

  • If the student is participating in any Library programs their participation will be suspended until the fine is resolved.

  • If the situation is not resolved after the resolution process, the student will be reported to the Library’s division Dean.

Service and Support Animals

  • Only Service Animals, Emotional Support Animals and Psychiatric Support Animals are allowed in the Library

  • Regardless of service role, animals found to be off leash, disruptive, or aggressive will have to be removed from the Library

Library and Learning Center Computer Guidelines

  • The purpose of computer workstations and laptops in the Cañada Library and Learning Center is to support the academic and instructional programs of the San Mateo County Community College District.

  • All Library/Learning Center users are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is conducive to the maintenance of a study atmosphere for others.

  • For additional guidelines, please download the Computer Guidelines for the Library and Learning Center.

Collection Development Policy

This collection development policy provides guidelines for establishing priorities for the selection of library materials and the criteria for withdrawal of materials from Cañada College Library’s collection.

Library Collection Development Policy (Word File)

Library Display and Exhibit Policy

Library Display and Exhibit Policy

Exam Proctoring

The Library does not offer exam proctoring. If you need proctoring services contact Jonathan MacSwain (macswainj@smccd.edu or 650-306-3468) in the Learning Center.