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Fall 2015 - Spring 2016


Alicia Aguirre, MA, Professor, Spanish & ESL

Denise Erikson, MA, Professor, Art History

Sarah Harmon, PhD, Professor, Spanish

Jessica Kaven, Ed.D, HTP Coordinator, Professor, Communication Studies (co-chair)

Dave Meckler, PhD, Professor, Music

Lisa Palmer, PhD, Professor, English

Paul Roscelli, JD, Professor, Business, Economics & Law, Advisor, Phi Theta Kappa

Michael Stanford, MA, Professor, History

Tong Po, MA, Professor, Math

Lezlee Ware, MA, Professor, Political Science

Gloria Darafshi, MA, HTP Counselor (co-chair)


Gregory Anderson, Vice President of Instruction

Soraya Sohrabi, MS, Director, Transfer Center Director

Janet Stringer, PhD, MD, Dean, Articulation Officer


Jessica Rose, Student, PTK liaison

Meeting DateAgendasMinutesMaterials
10/14/2015 Agenda Minutes  
2/16/2016 Agenda Minutes  
4/19/2016 Agenda Minutes