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Studying the Past

Etymology: Middle English histoire, historie, from Anglo-French estoire, histoire, from Latin historia, from Greek, inquiry, history, from histōr, istōr knowing, learned; akin to Greek eidenai to know

History is the study of the past. It is by nature an extremely broad discipline that includes an analysis of individuals and groups, events and phenomena, long-term trends, short-term trends, institutions, societies and cultures. In fact, most historians use a variety of methodologies to create accounts and interpretations of virtually every subject imaginable, and often connect their studies to other fields both inside and outside of the social sciences. The value of studying history, of course, is that it helps us to understand who are today and where we came from. In addition, by studying we can develop an understanding of the human experience as lived by the various individuals and groups both inside and outside of our own societies.

If I major in history what kind of job can I get?

History majors commonly become lawyers, teachers, professors, museum professionals, journalists, and archaeologists. History provides a solid foundation for those wishing to work in business, politics and public policy. History is also an excellent major for anyone hoping to get a teaching credential in the Social Sciences.

If I receive an AA degree in history can I transfer to a four-year college?

The History Department at Cañada College offers a broad variety of courses intended to prepare students for transfer and for global citizenship. In history classes, students deepen their knowledge of the past while improving their reading, writing and research skills. Our courses meet many general education requirements in addition to providing the classes necessary for History majors.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Students completing this program will be able to:

  • Analyze social science concepts and theories.
  • Evaluate diverse viewpoints related to the human experience.
  • Produce evidence-based arguments.