Guided Pathways Leadership

Colts Success Advisory Committee 2023-24

In 2022-23, as Cañada College transitioned from its 5-year college redesign and Guided Pathways implementation phase into an institutionalization and continuous improvement phase, the Guided Pathways Steering Committee was discontinued and a Colts Success Advisory Committee was put in it's place with its roles and responsibilities defined here.  Its goal is to improve student retention, persistence, completion by reviewing Guided Pathways success metrics (Success Team and data coach presentations) quarterly, including a forecast.  The Advisory Committee's membership includes:

  • VPSS Pérez and VPI Hsieh, Co-Chairs
  • Guided Pathways Counselors
  • Guided Pathways Faculty Leads
  • Retention Specialists/PSC
  • Data Coaches (PRIE)
  • Deans

Interest Area Success Teams 2023-24

Cañada Interest Area Success Teams meet monthly to:

  1. Connect, Communicate, & build Community w/students by Interest Area, coord. w/Special Program specialists via comm. of practice.
  2. Strengthen interventions on the road to Sp23 priority registration

Success Team Members in 2023-24 include:


ADP Dean: Hyla Lacefield
GP Faculty Lead: David Meckler
Retention Specialist: Diego Payan
Data Coach: Karen Engel
Counselor: Chris Rico
Peer Mentor: Sasha Fouksman
GP Director: Ron Andrade

BUS Dean: Matt Lee & Chialin Hsieh
GP Faculty Lead: Gampi Shankar
Retention Specialist: John Omar
Data Coach: Karen Engel
Counselor: Daryan Chan
Peer Mentor: Kylie Abe

HBC Dean: James Carranza
GP Faculty Lead: Denise Erickson
Retention Specialist: Diana Espinoza-Osuna
Data Coach: Alexander Claxton
Counselor: Gloria Darafshi
Peer Mentor: Precious Sunday
GP Director: Ron Andrade

S&H Dean: Ameer Thompson
GP Faculty Lead: David Monarres
Retention Specialist: Jackie Gonzalez
Data Coach: Karen Engel
Counselor: Sandra Rodrigues
Peer Mentor: Melanie Reanoo
GP Director: Ron Andrade


Guided Pathways Community of Practice 2022-23

The Cañada Community of Practice of retention specialists meets twice per month to:

1. Share best practices and data trends across all success teams and special programs
2. Opportunity for special program and interest area success teams to collaborate
3. Virtual dashboard/white board for Guided Pathways retention specialists

Its members include:

Interest Area Retention Specialists
Special Program Retention Specialists
*rotating Chair responsibilities
Standing Agenda Items:
Data Coach
GP Director

Colts Success Advisory Committee Co-Chairs 2023-2024

Manuel Alejandro Pérez (Vice President, Student Services)

Student Services - Vice President, Student Services

Chialin Hsieh (Vice President of Instruction)

Office of the Vice President, Instruction - Office of Instruction

Associated Students of Cañada College (ASCC Rep)

Human Behavior & Culture Interest Area Faculty Lead

Denise Erickson (Professor)

Humanities and Social Sciences - Art

Art, Design and Performance Interest Area Faculty Lead

David Meckler (Professor)

Humanities and Social Sciences - Music

Science and Health Interest Area Faculty Lead

David Monarres (Assistant Professor)

Science and Technology - Mathematics

Business Interest Area Faculty Lead

Gampi Shankar (Professor)

Business, Design and Workforce - Business

Success Team Community of Practice Lead

Jamie Hui (Program Services Coordinator/Instructor)

Business, Design and Workforce - Education and Human Development

Best Practices Representatives

Ronald Andrade (Director of Student Support)

Academic Support and Learning Technologies - Learning Center

Mary Ho (Director of Post-Secondary Success and the University Center)

Student Services - Vice President, Student Services

Data Analyst

Alexander Claxton (Senior Planning and Research Analyst)

President's Office - Planning, Research, Innovation and Effectiveness

Job Placement | Career Exploration Lead

Robert Haick (Program Supervisor/Assistant Professor-CBOT)

Student Services - Counseling

Science and Health Interest Area Lead Dean

Ameer Thompson (Dean, Science and Technology)

Science and Technology - Division Office

Human Behavior & Culture Interest Area Lead Dean

James Carranza (Dean of Humanities & Social Science)

Humanities and Social Sciences - Humanities Division Office

Business Interest Area Lead Dean

Hyla Lacefield (Dean of Business, Design & Workforce)

Business, Design and Workforce - Division Office

Art, Design and Performance Interest Area Lead Dean

Hyla Lacefield (Dean of Business, Design & Workforce)

Business, Design and Workforce - Division Office

Dean of Counseling

C. Max Hartman (Dean of Counseling)

Student Services - Counseling

Dean of Academic Support & Learning Technologies

Anniqua Rana (Interim Dean ASLT Canada College)

Academic Support and Learning Technologies - Division Office

Dean of Enrollment Services and Support Programs

Wissem Bennani (Dean of Enrollment Services)

Student Services - Admissions and Records