Quality Online Teaching and Learning


The Quality Online Teaching & Learning Work Group, or the QOTL Work Group, is an in-house certification program for Cañada faculty to learn how to teach online and/or hybrid courses. The QOTL Work Group was first offered in the Summer of 2017 and will be offered three times each year--once during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. The course is offered 100% online and the objectives of the QOTL Work Group are outlined below.

At the completion of the QOTL Work Group, participants will be able to:

  1. Design an accessible online or hybrid course in Canvas while applying the OEI Course Design Rubric.
  2. Assess new or existing course materials for accessibility and revise as needed.
  3. Construct a course that meets the needs of online or hybrid students, specifically in the area of Regular Effective Contact.

QOTL Work Group Summer 2020 Syllabus

QOTL Work Group Summer 2020 Course Schedule


Are you interested in the next QOTL Work Group offering?

  • At Cañada College, we require faculty teaching online and hybrid courses to be certified to teach in these modalities, and that instructors get re-certified every 3 years. The QOTL Work Group will certify instructors, but faculty can also use other certification programs.
    • For more information or to sign up for the next QOTL Work Group offering, please contact Allison Hughes (hughesa@smccd.edu).


QOTL Work Group Faculty Graduates

Spring 2020 Certificate Recipients
    • Angelica Ayar, Adjunct Faculty, Paralegal
    • Althea Kippes, Full Time Faculty, Paralegal
    • Juleh Mclintock, Adjunct Faculty, Chemistry
    • Ana Miladinova, Full Time Faculty, Kinesiology, Athletics & Dance
    • Richard Schulke, Adjunct Faculty, Paralegal
Fall 2019 Certificate Recipients
    • Andrea Blecken, Adjunct Faculty, Paralegal
    • Sol Parajon Puenzo, Adjunct Faculty, Chemistry
    • Marina Noel, Adjunct Faculty, Computer Business Office Technology
    • Emilio Roque Jr., Adjunct Faculty, Business
    • Betsy Mueller, Adjunct Faculty, Interior Design
Summer 2019 Certificate Recipients
    • Sandy Frojelin, Adjunct Faculty, Radiologic Technology
    • Jessica Kaven, Full Time Faculty, Communication Studies
    • Bridget Love, Adjunct Faculty, Communication Studies
    • Paul Naas, Full Time Faculty, Digitial Art & Animation
Spring 2019 Certificate Recipients
    • Sarah Aranyakul, Full Time Faculty, Counselor
    • Attila Elteto, Full Time Faculty, Physics
    • Doniella Maher, Full Time Faculty, English
    • Candice Nance, Full Time Faculty, Business
    • Michael Smith, Adjunct Faculty, Business
    • Nik Tehrani, Adjunct Faculty, Business
Fall 2018 Certificate Recipients
    • Nick DeMello, Adjunct Faculty, Chemistry
    • Greta Guerrero-Betteo, Adjunct Faculty, Spanish
    • Ray Lapuz, Full Time Faculty, Mathematics
    • Janette Linares, Full Time Faculty, Counselor
    • Robin Lise-Nielsen, Adjunct Faculty, Biology
    • Jeanette Medina, Adjunct Faculty, Chemistry
    • Alexa Moore, Adjunct Faculty, Education & Human Development
Summer 2018 Certificate Recipients
    • Kirk Tramble, Adjunct Faculty, Business
Spring 2018 Certificate Recipients
    • Doug Woods, Adjunct Faculty, Biology
Fall 2017 Certificate Recipients
    • Elena Alvarado-Strasser, Adjunct Faculty, Sociology
    • Sandra Mendez, Full Time Faculty, Counselor
Summer 2017 Certificate Recipients
    • David Eck, Full Time Faculty, Philosophy
    • Jeanette Green, Adjunct Faculty, Biology
    • Monica Malamud, Full Time Faculty, Spanish
    • Bridgette M'Guinness, Adjunct Faculty, Political Science
    • Barry Thomson, Adjunct Faculty, Biology
    • Maureen Wiley, Full Time Faculty, English/Reading