The College Connection Concurrent Enrollment Program is designed to provide current high students who have completed the 8th grade or higher at time of entering course the opportunity to get an “early start” on their college experience while still enrolled in high school

An Admissions Application and College Connection Course Request Form (page 4 of the College Connection Course Enrollment Packet) should be submitted as early as possible to ensure best consideration for classes and no later than May 31st  for the Summer Session 2018, July 31st for the Fall Semester 2018 and December 14th for Spring Semester 2019.  

Enrollment fees and non-resident tuition are waived for students enrolled in California high schools if they are registered in fewer than 11.5 units. Student body fees are optional for California high school students.

To apply:

  1. Review College Class Schedules in print or online at canadacollege.edu/catalogschedule/ or
        meet with your high school counselor to select your college courses.
  2. Apply on-line.  (You will be notified of admission by email or postal mail after submitting the
  3. Take assessment tests if you are planning to register for English or Math courses
        or courses with English and Math prerequisites.
  4. If you are planning to enroll in an English, math or any course that requires a prerequisite, you must make an appointment to see a college counselor.  To make the appointment with the counselor, call 650-306-3452.

  5. Submit your Course Request Form via your WebSMART student portal.  The steps to
    • Save or scan a copy of your College Connection Course Request Form to a device
             that will allow you to upload (desktop, phone, tablet). 
    • Log into WebSMART at websmart.smccd.edu.  Your ID number is your college
             issued "G-number".  Include the "G" when entering.  Your PIN is your date of birth in
             the order of MMDDYY (You will be asked to change your PIN once you log in.)
    • Select: Student Services 
    • Select: College Connection Course Request Form
    • Follow the steps to upload your Course Request Form and SUBMIT
    • Please contact Admissions if you any problems submitting your request,


Please note:  If you are home schooled student, a copy of your R4 (Private School Affidavit) form will be required along with your Course Request Form.

Students with documented disabilities who would like academic accommodations for their college classes should contact the Disability Resource Center (650-306-3259).