Cañada College Stands Against Racism

Cañada College has made a campus-wide commitment to stand against racism and support Black Lives Matter. The College recognizes the critical need for anti-racist practices, services and teaching in our community. This website provides several campus-wide resources that are dedicated to our commitment.


Message From Cañada College Leadership June 2, 2020

Cañada College Internal Equity Scan 2021-22

As part of its 5-year educational master planning process, Cañada College engaged Áse Power Consult (APC) to help determine how the College could effectively incorporate diversity, equity, inclusion and antiracism in its Educational Master Plan for 2022-27 and beyond.  APC shared its Internal Equity Report Snapshot and recommendations with the College on Flex Day, January 13, 2022. APC also shared frameworks for a Theory of Change and asking Probing Questions.  The full APC Internal Equity Report and Recommendations were shared at PBC on February 2, 2022.

Cañada College Antiracism Framework & Resources

As a result of three campus-wide Critical Conversations on Race held during the summer 2020, as well as input from the participants in the College Leadership Retreat in August, 2020, the Planning & Budgeting Council (PBC) formed a college-wide Antiracism Task Force in September 2021.  On March 17 2021, the Task Force presented their mid-semester report to PBC.  On May 9, 2021, the College adopted a Framework and Recommendations for pursuing its antiracism goals.

Cañada College Cultural Center Focus Groups - Spring 2021

In spring 2021, Cañada College partnered with the Career Ladders Project (CLP) to facilitate focus groups in February and early March of 2021 to learn how a cultural center on campus can help meet the diverse needs of our college community and to to build deeper understanding of the experiences of our students, faculty and staff in our community and at the College. CLP is a non-profit organization that promotes equity-minded community college redesign. 

CLP prepared this summary report and recommendations for the college:  Cañada College Cultural Center Focus Group Findings Spring 2021

In August 2021, during the college flex day, the College will host a session with CLP during which the findings and recommendations will be discussed.  Feedback gathered via the online form below will also be shared and addressed: 

Provide Feedback on Cultural Center Focus Group Summary Report by CLP

Campus-wide Critical Conversations

Cañada College has engaged in a series of important conversations to address its campus-wide commitment to antiracism.

Critical Conversations

Life Resources

  • Resources for personal wellness.
  • Resources for students, employees, campus community.
  • Become better informed about antiracism with suggested reading.
  • How to get involved at our college, in our community, online, and with family.

BLM Resources PDF  Multicultural Resources  Multicultural Programming

Library Resources

The Cañada Library resource guide for students, faculty, and staff to provide information and research tools to be an Anti-racist in a joint commitment to racial equity and justice..

Antiracism Resources

Academic Committee for Equity & Success (ACES) Resources

The following resources include direct action steps, readings, and strategies that provide a lens through which to better understand and challenge racism, bigotry and oppression. 

Understanding and Disrupting Systemic Oppression 

SafeZone Resources

Advocating for the emotional, physical, and intellectual safety of all LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning intersex) members of this campus community.


USC Racial Equity Leadership Alliance

For the 2020-21 academic year, Cañada College joined more than 60 other California community colleges in the California Community College Equity Leadership Alliance.  Led by the USC Race and Equity Center, the Alliance unites community colleges across the state of California for high-quality professional learning experiences on an array of topics pertaining to racial equity.

USC Racial Equity Alliance