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Research Report 2016-2017

IEPI PRT Visit Update (12/09/2016)  IEPI Summary of Initial VisitMenu of Options, IE Plan

IEPI Portal; IEPI Website; Year Two Expectation; Scorecard 2016; Scorecard 5-Year Trend

MMAP Pilot Project Update 

Program Review Process and Timeline 

Program Review Resource Request Process and Timeline

Resource Request Template (describes information needed for resource requests, 02/14/2017)

Program Review Resource Request Reference Guide (describes how to enter request into SPOL, 02/14/2017)

Draft Educational Master Plan 2017-2022 (Feb 2017)

EMP Goals (Dec 2016, approved by PBC)

Cañada Student Success Scorecard 2016

Cañada Student Success Scorecard for the past 5 years 

ILO Report 2016  

Graduate Survey Report 2016

College Benchmark Report 2015-2016 (Institutional-Set Standard) 

Plan Progress Report Summary (Oct 2016)



Fall 2016 Enrollment Update:


Spring 2016 Enrollment Update:


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Student Characteristics:


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