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Paralegal Program Alumni Invited to Recognition Ceremony May 19, 2014

On Monday, May 19, 2014, Cañada's Paralegal Program will celebrate the achievements of its most recent A.S. degree and certificate recipients - and all past recipients, the alumni, are asked to mark their calendars because they are especially invited to participate in this annual event.

Starting at 5:30 pm in the lower level of Building 8, alumni participants will have an opportunity to congratulate and share their experiences with the new graduates, plus mingle and network with other alumni. This is just one of what's hoped to be a number of activities planned to bring alumni together. Please check the program's website at for notice of these events.

On May 19, Cañada administrators and paralegal faculty will participate in a brief ceremony and be on hand to join in the festivities, which will include light refreshments.

If you plan on attending or have any questions, please contact Paralegal Program Coordinator Michael Habeeb at or (650) 306-3409.


Become a Notary Public, Add a Skill, Become More Employable

Being a notary public enhances a paralegal's chances of obtaining a job, according to a number of local attorneys and paralegals. So why not become one?

The college district's Community Education Program provides you with an opportunity with a one-day notary public workshop, which combines training and then a chance to take the California Notary Public Exam on the same day.

The workshop will be offered on May 10, 2014 at Cañada College.

For more details, please go to and click on Career/Entrepreneurships under Career and Business.

Cañada College Paralegal Program Advisory Committee

With the goal of always improving its paralegal program, Cañada College has an advisory committee comprised of lawyers, paralegals, business professionals, college paralegal and other faculty, legal research experts, non-profit organization leaders, and present and former paralegal program students. Advice and counsel result in relevant class offerings, courses that best equip students with the skills necessary to perform at the highest levels in the workforce; an ongoing plan to seek and create hands-on work opportunities for students, both while they are in the paralegal studies program and once they have graduated; and current and effective marketing, on and off the Web.

About the Program

The Paralegal Program at Cañada college was developed in cooperation with the San Mateo County Bar Association and the San Mateo County Legal Secretaries Association to train personnel to assist attorneys in both civil and criminal matters. Instruction centers on assisting the attorneys in interviewing clients and preparing legal documents. Courses must be evaluated by a letter grade, not by the credit (CR) grade.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Students completing this program will be able to:

  • Use effectively both book and electronic legal research tools, and to identify and use primary and secondary law sources.
  • Use California superior court judicial council forms, and at least one software program containing such forms.
  • Understand, follow and apply ethical rules for attorneys and paralegals and to identify potential ethical issues in the legal environment.

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