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Interior Design: Green/Sustainable Design

Below, you can find the courses you need to take to complete your degree or certificate program.

Requirements below should be used as a guide only. Current students should consult DegreeWorks for their specific requirements based on their catalog rights. Degreeworks Report
Goal Certificate Program
Catalog Rights Academic Year 2015-2016
Interior Des -Sustainable Design - Cañada
Minimum Credits Required: 26.5
Interior Architectural Drafting
3 Credits in ARCH 110
Introduction to Interior Design
3 Credits in INTD 115
Space Planning and Design
3 Credits in INTD 175
Overview of Lighting Design
3 Credits in INTD 260
Residential & Commercial Construction
3 Credits in INTD 356
Principles of Sustainable Design
3 Credits in INTD 400
Sustainability & Home Energy Assesment
1.5 Credits in INTD 401
Sustainable Practices
3 Credits in INTD 403
Materials and Finishes
3 Credits in INTD 450
Coopertive Ed: Internship / Work Experience
1 Credit in INTD 672

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