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Creating Opportunities for Minorities in Engineering, Technology, and Science (COMETS)

NASAThe "Creating Opportunities for Minorities in Engineering, Technology,and Science" (COMETS) program is a collaboration between Cañada College's Engineering Department and San Francisco State University School of Engineering. The project is sponsored by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Office of Education through Curriculum Improvement Partnership Award for the Integration of Research into the Undergraduate Curriculum (CIPAIR), Grant No. NNX10AU75G.

Program Objectives

Objective 1.  To improve student engagement and success in foundational math courses and core engineering courses; 

Objective 2.  To develop a summer research internship program for community college engineering students at NASA Ames Research Center;

Objective 3.  To provide current community college students a year-long engineering design experience early in their academic career by participating in capstone design courses for graduating seniors at SFSU; 

Objective 4. To strengthen existing faculty relationship with NASA Ames, and establish new collaborative relationships among two-year and four-year engineering faculty, and NASA Ames Research Center;

Objective 5. To improve academic success of engineering students from underrepresented groups by providing academic support and mentoring


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