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How to upload files from your computer using OmniUpdate

First - Save and NAME your documents properly

  • Save documents (e.g., .docx, .xlsx, .ppt) as PDF files. The PDF format allows users without specialized applications to view documents. This is an important accessibility issue!
  • Name files without any spaces or punctuation. It's easiest to do this BEFORE uploading.
  • Try to standardize names, i.e., use a 6 digit date, use only lowercase:

For example:
agenda010111.pdf            not AGENDA January  11 budget Meeting.pdf
v2minutes040108.pdf       not 2- min – april 1 8.pdf

To upload a file, click on 'expand splitscreen' to see the main list of web pages:
how to upload documents

Where to upload your files & upload process 

Do not upload documents or images into your main site as it makes the site difficult to organize and find files. Upload documents to the 'docs' or 'pdfs' folder, or a folder by year (ie '1314'). You can create a 'docs' or 'pdfs' folder if you don't already have one in your directory. Images can be uploaded to an images folder, if present (if not, use the assets folder).

Click on the breadcrumbs to move through the file structure, then click to open the folder where you want to upload - you must 'be in' the folder that you want your files to end up in when you start the upload process:
how to upload documents

Click on upload:
how to upload documents

A window opens to upload multiple pdfs, documents, or images at once. Click 'Browse' to locate the file(s):
how to upload documents

Here are two documents located on the computer for upload:
how to upload documents

Click 'upload' at the bottom of the window:
how to upload documents

A confirmation message appears:
how to upload documents

Files should be uploaded within the Staging view. All files that are uploaded should be published. Once published, files will be put into the Production view. 

Example Image

Resume editing

Click on 'Pages', and then the breadcrumbs or 'Up a directory' to go back to your web pages:
how to upload documents

how to upload documents

Uploading Image files

Images can be saved as .jpg, .gif, or .png.

Learn more about preparing images for the web.

Learn more about creating links to the files you uploaded and placing images in your webpages.