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Create a new webpage with Omni Update

If you are in OmniUpdate in split-screen mode, click the right green button to expand split-screen:

Click the ‘new’ link to make a new page:
new page demo

Click on the new page image:
new page demo

Type in the file name in all lower case, no spaces (e.g., 'newpage').

Type in the page title (e.g., 'New Page'- spaces and capital letters are acceptable here.):
new page demo

Click ‘Create’
new page demo

Here is the new page, ready for editing:
new page demo

Click the ‘edit’ button to start editing. Save and publish as usual. Then you can add the page to the navigation. Remember that to display it, you must create a link to the new page, but add the content first.

It is frustrating for users to click on a page just to see that there is nothing on it.  Writing something like ‘Coming soon’ or ‘page under construction’ is NOT recommended. Wait until there is content to direct users to the page.