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Creating Links in OmniUpdate

You can link to a variety of files in your website

  • Documents that have been converted to pdfs, images, etc. (learn how to upload files here)
  • Other webpages in your site (i.e., in your folder of webpages)
  • Webpages in another site of the Cañada College group of websites
  • Webpages anywhere on the web

Open the file in OmniUpdate. Presh Shift  and Click the green 'Edit' button to enter editing mode:
link creation


In editing mode, highlight the content to be hyperlinked. Highlight meaningful content, not just generic words like "see this" or "click here" so that users with screen readers can get an adequate description. Click the 'Link' button on the toolbar:
link creation

A window opens. Since this is a webpage from the current site, use the 'browse' button to locate it:
link creation

Another window opens. Click on the file to be linked (in this case links.php). The name will be bolded. Then click 'Insert':
insert box

Another window opens and the selected file is in the Link URL. Make sure the Text to display is filled out and the Title. Then click 'OK':
add name to the text display of link

Back in editing mode, the link is green:

 back to editing mode